Terms of Use

Users of all Academed Websites are requested to read and agree these Terms of Use (TOC) before accessing, applying, engaging or participating in any web page, social media channel, discussion board, chatroom, newsgroup, bulletin board, mailing list, transaction or other on-line forum available at academ-ed.com, academedonline.com, academedcourses.com or its social media channels (“site” or “sites”). These TOC will govern the use of all Academed sites and their subdomains, collectively named as ‘Websites’.

By accessing, reading, engaging, applying, using and participating in these websites and its social media channels, you agree that you have read these TOC and agreed to be bound by and comply with them and other policies of Academed such as our Privacy Policy. In case, you do not accept or agree to be bound by these TOC, you should not continue using or viewing them and refrain from doing so in future.

Academed reserves the right to modify these terms at its discretion at any time and will include such revisions on the pages of TOC as revisions with applicable date/s. By continuing to access a Website after such revisions have been published, you admit your agreement to be bound by them.

⦁ The content in our Websites is for information and education only and has been prepared solely for the purpose of providing information about Academed, its subsidiaries and its associated companies, and the services, courses and training it provides.
⦁ Academed takes every effort to endure that information given in its Websites is accurate and up-to-date. However, it may become necessary to revise or modify the content from time to time and it will be the responsibility of Users to verify the accuracy of the content before entering into any financial, legal or other commitment based upon content of our Websites.
⦁ Academed makes every effort to maintain its Websites without disruption, but there could be instances when the Sites are not accessible or slow to access due to maintenance or other reasons beyond its control. Academed will not take any responsibility for any losses or harm caused due to such interference.
⦁ Academed takes every effort to provide the Services described in its Websites to its Users. In case any circumstances beyond the control of Academed occur which disrupts such services, it will take reasonable actions to minimize the effects of such interference.
⦁ The downloadable material available in our Websites are constantly scanned for any known viruses, spyware, malware or harmful cookies. However, Academed will not take any liability for damages caused while using our Sites or downloading its material.
⦁ Academed does not take any liability for damages caused to the operating systems or software of the Users while using our Websites.
⦁ Our Sites may include discussion boards, forums or any such activities containing material, ideas, links and expressions of its Users. Such material, links, ideas and expressions are not regarded as our opinion and shall be treated as the opinions of the authors of such material and Academed will not take any responsibility.
⦁ Academed does not warrant, either express or implied, with respect to accuracy, completeness and adequacy of the content of its Websites.

User Conduct
By accessing, viewing, authoring content and using our Sites, you agree that you will do so in accordance with all the applicable laws in any country since Academed is a global course and training provider. You agree that,
⦁ You will not input comments or material that harms, defames, threatens, harass any person/s or is obscene, hateful, unlawful, immoral, disrespective or offensive.
⦁ You will use the Sites within the legally defined boundaries and according to cyber laws of any country,
⦁ You will not infringe intellectual property rights,
⦁ You will not access or try to access User account/s of any other person other than you,
⦁ You will not encourage or take part in discussions which lead to any activity defined as illegal in any country,
⦁ You will not advertise any form of material with commercial intent,
⦁ You will not input or link to personal data or confidential material of any person without express consent of its owner/s,
⦁ You will not misrepresent identity or impersonate another,
⦁ You will not transmit any virus, cookie, spyware, malware or script causing loss or corruption,
⦁ You will not do any form of hacking.

If it come to the knowledge of Academed that certain material violate above listed terms, it reserves the right to remove such content immediately and inform relevant authorities or take action against as considered necessary.
Above listed terms are valid for any User including Academed staff or their relatives.

You, the User of our Websites are responsible to maintain your account with Academed in complete confidentiality. You will not disclose your Password/s and the Account. You accept the responsibility of all actions that are delivered or input into our Websites through your account and your computer/s.

Academed reserves the right to terminate your account and refuse to give services, revise content or cancel orders without any compensation due to incorrect information and details provided by the Users during registration, billing or any other situation.

Use of Material of Academed
Registered Users of Academed are granted access to and use of our material published in our Websites. Users are permitted to download material from the Sites for own personal, non-commercial use only. Users shall not otherwise, by any means, copy, reproduce, stored, saved, transmit, distribute, publish, exploit or otherwise transfer any material without prior written permission of Academed and any violation is prohibited.
All copyrights, design rights and intellectual property rights of the content of our Websites, including our logos, graphics, multimedia content, software and any other forms of content belong to Academed unless stated otherwise. All rights of our such material are reserved with Academed. All other content appearing in the Websites which is not belong to Academed are the property of its respective authors.

Our Websites may contain errors, omissions, un-reviewed or obsolete content. Academed reserves its right to discontinue, revise, delete, add, modify such content without giving prior notice and under its sole discretion. Such content may be in Courses, prices, availability, services, links, affiliates and any other area.

Limitation of Use
You may use Sites for legal purposes only. Furthermore, you agree that, if a third party claims that any material you have contributed to a Site is unlawful, you will bear the burden of establishing that the material complies with all applicable laws. Although Stanford does not monitor the content of the Sites, Stanford has the right to remove material from the Sites, block access, or take other action with respect to the Material in its sole discretion, although Stanford is under no obligation to do so. You may not use Stanford computing resources or Sites to disseminate unsolicited advertising or promotional material of any kind.

Links to Third Parties
Websites of Academed may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites. Such links are provided only for education purposes and convenience of Users of Academed. Academed is not responsible and do not endorse of the content of such websites. Users may access such websites at their own risk and responsibility. Users are advised to visit and use such websites with caution and under their terms and conditions.

Academed Websites are governed by the laws of State of Delaware. Users shall agree that any dispute arising out of or relating to these TOC or any content posted to a Site, including copies and republication thereof, whether based in contract, tort, statutory or other law, will be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware. If the Users access and use our Websites out of the State of Delaware, we shall not be responsible for the local laws of the Users location and the Users will access and use our Websites on their own discretion and responsibility.

Personal Data of Users
Academed may collect the data and information of our Users for the sole purpose of administration, statistics, quality enhancements and further development of the Sites and its content. Such matters are governed by our Privacy Policy.

The Users agree to indemnify and hold Academed harmless from any claims, losses or damages, including legal fees, resulting from use of our Sites or content input by the Users into Sites, and to fully cooperate in the defense of Academed against any such claims.

Contact us
Academed respects all intellectual property rights. If there is any content which is considered a violation of someone’s copyright, please inform registrar@academedonline.com at your earliest knowledge of such instance.

Updated on August 15, 2016.